The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Wedding Details}

Last night I shared my top 10 wedding images of 2011 {to see that post, click here} today, I am sharing with you my next top 10 list; the Top 10 Wedding Details of 2011! This was another difficult list to make for me (seriously, it was like pulling teeth). There is nothing harder (for me at least) than trying to narrow down my ‘favorite’ images; it’s like choosing which child I love the most….ok, well not quite that extreme, but still…you get the idea. It was so difficult, in fact, that it’s taken me nearly the whole first month of the new year to do this!

Wedding details, to me, set the tone for the entire wedding; the colors, the textures. Details to me, come in lots of different shapes and sizes; from the wedding favors to the flowers, and all the way around to the different little bits and pieces that make a wedding what it is. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are my top 10 ‘details’ captures of 2011!
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The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Weddings}

So, the new year has come, and now that we’re well and truly into 2012, I’ve been working {HARD} at narrowing down my images from the last year, in hopes of bringing you a few little top 10 lists…..this one, in particular, is for my couples. The BIG day….the weddings. ♥

Weddings are always an adventure, and each one is special and unique to the couple, and ALWAYS full of surprises! You might think that after a while, one wedding would run into another, but that just doesn’t happen. Each one is so full of love, and promise, and happiness. There is just nothing like it. With that said, here are my Top Ten Wedding moments from 2011.
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I can {Rock The Shot!}

So, as you likely know, I SUPER-SQUISHY-LOVE photo contests. ♥ Now, with that said, how could it be any better that this contest comes from a site I ADORE and run by women who truly rock my socks off! If you’re a photographer, and you’ve never heard of the Rock The Shot, you’re missing out bigtime! We have the sweetest folks and the greatest photogs and vendors around! (Just sayin’) Anywho….I digress. For August, the contest is Silhouettes. These are a complete personal favorite of mine. When I saw this, I knew immediately what picture I would be entering. My Rock Star picture, of course!

Seriously, though.

Last October I was approached by a local musician who needed some pictures done for publicity stuff; posters, and also for an upcoming CD project. (!! Yes, my picture is on a CD!!) While I was shooting, and he was playing and singing, I was struck by inspiration. The covered bridge we were shooting at provided the most perfect backdrop for this capture, and I ♥ the shape of the man and his instrument. (Click on the image to enlarge)

For more amazing silhouette captures, click on the button below and don’t forget to find beauty everywhere.

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{1500?! Seriously?!}

So, if you follow me on facebook (which you must do to be entered in this giveaway; and can do by clicking here ) you know I’ve just hit 1500 fans. This is a HUGE number, I think, in anyone’s book, but I’m especially stoked because it has taken me just under 18 months to grow my business this much.

How, you might ask? Well, mostly you should all thank yourselves the way I’m thanking you. ♥ If it weren’t for you wonderful people hiring me, then telling friends about me, and my facebook page, it would have NEVER happened. Because of this, I want to say thank you in a big way. Once again, you might ask ‘how’, especially considering that not all of you are local fans, but never fear; I have a plan for giving away this (pretty darn big) 16×20 print.
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A Word To The Wise…

about wedding photography. This morning, shortly after I got up and staggered mostly blindly to the coffee pot for my first dose for the morning, I put my daughter Miss Amazing on the school bus and sat down at the computer. After my routine email check, I moved off to one of my favorite resources for photography; a group I’m in on face book. At the very top of the news feed there I see an article entitled ‘Save on Your Photography Costs by Using Disposable Wedding Cameras’. (You can view the post here) Now, I assumed before clicking the link that this was going to be maybe about having your professional photographer only shoot the ceremony and posed portraits, then doing disposable cameras at the reception, or something, but was completely floored when I actually read the article and got what they were trying to say.

They’re trying to tell you to save a bunch of money, you should just SKIP the photographer totally. Instead, you should get disposable cameras and hand them out and give your guests a list of shots they should try for. You know, all the information you’d typically give to your HIRED WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.

So, rather than go on a big, whole rant about why this royally ticks me off, instead, I’m going to share my story.

5 years ago, Mr. Wonderful and I were planning our big day, and back then I was no expert at photography, I just knew that we needed to have someone capture our big day. Enter, our photographer. A very close friend’s wife who was just starting out offered to do it, and we settled on what I would pay for. The plan was made; she would be with us for the rehearsal dinner, since her husband was in the wedding anyway, and then from the hair appointments in the morning, strait through the reception (where she was also a guest) and capture our big day.

The day of the wedding came, and true to her word, she was there first thing in the morning when we went to the salon. The day progressed, a whirlwind, as wedding days are, and before I knew it it was all over and we were heading to the reception.

(but not before the wedding party posed for a few captures)

Now, I would love to show you some of the beautiful, posed captures that my photographer got that day, but alas, I can not. Why, you might ask? Because there was no film in the camera for those captures. Unfortunately something that wasn’t realized right away, and by the time it was, it was full-dark out. (It gets dark pretty early in October….just in case you weren’t aware.) We had a great reception, and a TON of fun, and lots of people had cameras that day, so there are many flattering pictures, (and many, MANY more not-so-flattering ones) out there. The pictures of my cake are beautiful (specifically because my cake-topper rocked the whole wedding; check it out!)

and there are pictures of our first official dance as husband and wife, and the whole cake-cutting thing, but all in all, I’m more than a little sad, looking back on it, that there are no pictures from my wedding that I just couldn’t help but blow up HUGE for my wall. I felt like a princess on that day, sure, but now? Today? 5 years later? My dress is packed up, and the cake and wine are loooooooong gone, and I sit here with nothing tangible and beautiful to help remind me of that day. And that, friends, is terrible. Your wedding photos should be something that you look back on and smile, remembering the moments that you saved for all time, not something that you look back on and wince. If you have to skimp, skimp on the cake (because while a sheet cake might not be as pretty, it will probably taste better) or on the open bar, for obvious reasons.

Just a cautionary tale; you want to be able to remember every instant of your big day, because when it’s happening there is a lot you will miss, and the photographer is how you keep those memories fresh in your mind and close to your heart forever.

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I {Heart} Faces Challenge | Yellow

So, it has been nearly forever since I’ve played in an I ♥ faces challenge, but this week I was inspired to join in on the fun again. This week’s theme is ‘yellow’, and the session I had two weeks ago lends the PERFECT mood for this contest.

This sweet little beauty was ALL about the pretty flowers that were ALL over the place for our spring portraits. Here is one precious moment. ♥

To see the image larger, please click on it, and to see more amazing ‘Yellow’ entries, please visit I ♥ faces by clicking the link below. ♥

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Words of Wisdom…

Look both ways before you cross the street….don’t leap before you look…..hold hands….beware of stranger danger…. say please and thank you…treat others the way you want to be treated…

As children, we’re told these things (and many more) more times than we could count. The point? To imbed the words so deeply into our subconscious that we would never do such things without heeding the lessons that were given to us, thus, keeping us safe. It doesn’t quite work that way though…children get abducted, people get struck by cars and are rude and impolite…it’s all a part of life. Aside from that though, there is a whole different issue; there are the warnings you are not issued; the things that no one tells you as a child, so you have no way to expect it when it comes. These are the things I need to say…so that it’s out there for the world to see and hear.

People will disappoint you. They will do things you never thought them capable of….You have yourself to count on, and if you’re lucky, a few others…..You will have your heart broken, then broken again, and usually one more time before you find a man who can make it whole once more…..and most importantly, you should always treat people better than you want to be treated, and know that even if they are incapable of responding appropriately, the gesture will not go unnoticed.

The thing is though; we should also be telling these children (who by the way believe pretty much everything we say until they hit roughly six) that it’s not only the bad things they need to be warned about, but the good as well. For example;

Sometimes people will completely surprise you in the best ways possible…they will pick you up when you fall, and offer help when you least expect it and need it the most. People will remember the kindness you offer them, so keep on offering it, and not only will they remember it. If you’re lucky, they’ll respond in kind to someone else in need of a smile.

I have always been a lucky girl; I was given good examples of these things growing up though I was not lucky enough to have parents that thought to tell me these things before they set me loose in the world. Still, I was a smart kid, and I knew what was up, but for all those kids that were blasted out of nowhere when they found these inevitable truths out, this one’s for you.

Oh, and to make all of this easier to swallow, here’s a cute baby. Now we’re even.

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Thoughts on life (and other such things) | Fulton/Montgomery County Lifestyle Photographer

The rain pours and the lightning strikes, otherwise the world is quiet. The mist rises off of the pavement; cool rain striking the warm street and I could only watch mutely as the world was washed clean of it’s lies…if only for a moment. Sitting with eyes closed I can feel the mist sprinkling against my overheated skin, and I can only wonder where I had been hiding, and why I hadn’t found my way to this place before.
The rain feels so good; washing away my sins and pretenses and falsehoods, leaving only the bare truth underneath. The hardest part; being laid vulnerable and the fear of being found wanting at the bare bones of what makes you the person you are.

I am always found wanting.

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{Little Moose Newborns} | Fulton/Mongomery County Newborn Photography

I have to start this post by saying that I am so, SO blessed! I am blessed in a great many ways, but in the terms of this particular post, I am blessed to have wonderful friends that take AMAZING pictures, have wonderful, easy to work with clients who were willing to let me tag along and learn a few things. ♥

I made a trip to Vermont a few weeks ago to meet up with my friend Patty and join her in shooting two incredibly sweet, brand new babies. First there was little W. He was so tiny and SO sleepy, and just a joy to capture, from his tiny sweet (edible) toes, to his wrinkled brow. ♥ I don’t think there is anything like newborn babies…..they catch hold of my heart instantly and squeeze so tightly. Here are a few selected images from sweet little W’s session; 5 days new. ♥

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. ~Leo J. Burke

Babies are such a nice way to start people. ~Don Herrold

A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race. ~Barbara Christine Seifert

A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. ~Carl Sandburg

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~Eda J Leshan

Don’t forget that compared to a grownup person every baby is a genius. Think of the capacity to learn! The freshness, the temperament, the will of a baby a few months old! ~May Sarton

Of all the joys that lighten suffering earth, what joy is welcomed like a newborn child? ~ Dorothy Nolte

We can see that the baby is as much an instrument of nourishment for us as we are for him. ~Polly Berrien Berends

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{Project 52, Week 9} |Fulton/Montgomery Lifestyle Photographer

Week 9 of my 52 week project centered on something old. Once again, there were a million different ways to go with this week’s theme (and to see a few more, simply click here).

I, for one, had a little bit of a hard time with this one. Initially, I wanted to do a portrait of my grandmother, but then my momma pointed out that she’d probably be offended when I explained what I was doing. (whoops) Instead, I found inspiration where I usually do; outdoors. (♥) I feel like this old guy here has held on for a LONG hard winter here in the great North East, and that should be documented by someone.

So…here is my play for week 9 | Something Old

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