{Project 52, Week 1} | Fulton/Montgomery Lifestyle Photography

This year, rather than the 3.6.5. project (which I completed, by the way….just sayin’.) I decided to go with something a little simpler; a 52 week project with a different theme each week….and a second project, but that one will remain nameless for the moment, because I’m not quite ready to share, though that will be a weekly project as well. This week’s theme is given to me by this great facebook fan page devoted specifically to this project and the photographers that are attempting it (you can view said page by clicking here ) Anyway….back onto the point; This week’s theme!

This week the project was to capture images ‘through the window’, so this one was pretty broad as far as what could be done, and it’s all about personal perspective. With that thought in mind, here is what I’ve come up with! Rather than capture people or things through a window, I used the window as my (completely overwhelming) background and went with silhouettes of my two favorite subjects; the little humans! Now, without further adu, here is sweet Toes and Miss Amazing giving their silhouettes to me this afternoon!

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