Top 10 under 5 of 2009

Here is my first top 10 list of the year (and not the last, I’m hoping to have at least one more up by tomorrow!) *Note, these are not all my children. Images used with permission.

10. I got to shoot this sweet little guy a couple of weeks before Christmas, and boy did we have a great time! Little R. was full of energy, and not shy with me in the least! I really enjoyed capturinging his candid, adventurous spirit, and as you can see, it was hard for me to narrow down my choices!

9. My daughter’s 4 1/2 year pictures this past summer. Note the “cheesy” smile, as she calls it. :)

8. The star of this picture, obviously, is the sweet little bundle in the basket! A piece of my close friends’ christmas/baby’s first christmas shoot this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Heroths!

7. This little guy was just too cute! It was so hard to narrow down the pictures from our shoot together!

6.My own sweet little girl, climbing the ladder at the apple orchard all by herself!

5.Little R. again….this time checking out the melted m&m all over his fingers!

4. My good friend recently had a baby, (Mid November) and I was fortunate enough to get to capture him within his first few hours of life. <3 Sweet little Isaac. *You'll see more of him later on*

3. I babysit this little sweetheart during the week, and one day we happened to be playing in the leaves, and I got lucky with this shot. As you can see, she was having a great time.

2. Another of sweet little R.

1. And, finally…who can resist a sleeping newborn in a Santa hat?!

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