{Top 10 of 2012 | Artsy-Fartsy Portrait Edition}

This is one of my very favorite categories for 2012’s top 10 lists. Right from the start, as I started to compile images for my various categories, I kept coming back to a few of these; sweet little toes with smiles drawn on, and sibling’s fingertips touching, and bare feet hanging from a dock in the sun; these are all precious moments in time; moments all too soon forgotten, so they’re important (to me) to capture. They are often though, not images chosen for prints, either big or small, and often wind up in my archives never to be seen again….until now. Here are a few of my favorite ‘artsy’ portraits from 2012; once again, David Letterman-style from 10-1.

And away we go!

10. This sweet capture comes from all the way back in January of 2012. These adorable siblings came in for handsome Jason’s newborn session, along with some captures of he and big sister K. together. Well, capture them together I did, along with this perfect little moment. ♥

9. Another sibling capture, very similar to the first, except that this one is of sweet Miles and his gorgeous newborn sister Lydia, (who took the newborn top 10 by storm last night! See that post here) and instead of the very beginning of the year, this capture is from just a few short weeks ago.

8. Handsome Rylan has adorable toes. He also has an awesome Momma who thinks it’s cool to draw smiley faces on them. In all seriousness though, these sweet piggies belong to my dear friend Amy’s handsome son Rylan. The coolest kiddo on the block!

7. Handsome Miles, staring off into the world. ♥ I’ve been photographing this sweet little man since he was still in his Momma’s tummy, and it’s been such a joy to watch him grow into this little man, who can already see the possibilities out there.

6. There are few things I enjoy more as a photographer than baby toes. Especially when they belong to a sweet tutu’ed birthday girl who’s eating a cake! These perticular piggies belong to pretty miss Kaid, who I photograph often and enjoy like CRAZY! ♥

5. Handsome Joey and his flying airplane take spot number 5 in this category. I just adore everything about this capture; it embodies the ‘boy’ spirit that was so prevalent in this little guy; tons of sweet smiles with just enough mischief in his eyes to keep things interesting.

4. Pretty Makenna ponders. (In reality, she’s pondering whether she can make it away from where we were before either her mom or dad caught up with her.) Buuuuut, since you can’t see the sparkle of adventure in her eyes here, we’ll say she’s pondering the vast tapestry of color that is fall in Upstate New York!

3.The one adult portrait to make it into this Top 10 Category, and with good reason! This capture came from a gender-reveal shoot I got to do at the very tail end of our fall season here in Upstate NY. I had some ideas, as did this lovely couple, and when it was all put together, as you can see, it’s magic. ♥

2. The sweet little in this capture is one of my very-very favorites. (♥) Sweet Kaya is so full of life and laughter, and most importantly; she’s full of ‘Why?’ (one of my very favorite things to see in little humans, and a question I never mind answering.) In this capture, from her birthday shoot this past Summer, we had thrown flowers from the far side of this little old bridge on this little dirt road, and had RUSHED over to the other side to see if they’d come out yet, and she was just tickled when they finally did! ♥

1. The number one capture in the ‘artsy portrait’ category is another big favorite of mine from 2012. As a child raised on the water, it’s in my blood. I can identify so much with this capture, and know that my parents must have dozens of captures of both me and my sister very much the same as this one of sweet Embree.
It’s timeless. It’s priceless. It’s a moment, captured forever. ♥

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