{Top 10 of 2012 | Newborn Edition}

Blogging this year’s top ten list is a difficult task for me (once again), but in the best ways possible! For a photographer like me, it’s the ultimate compliment when clients come back. Some of these newborns belong to some of the mama’s you’ll see in the Maternity Top 10 List (which you’ll see in the next day or two) and SOME of them you’ll see throughout 2013, since their mommas have booked Watch Me Grow packages with me. (The super-premo-ultimate compliment; trusting me to document your baby’s entire first year!)
So, without any further ado, here are the Top 10 Newborns of 2012. (*from 10-1, since we have to do things Letterman style up in here.*)

10. Sweet Emma gave me a run for my money! I came over all prepared to be the baby-whisperer, but she was having no part in it, focusing in on me instantly with super-aware eyes. (♥)

9. Gorgeous Kynlie is another very recent newborn, and another in the ‘I don’t want to sleep for ANYTHING’ club. (lol) This little stinker is sure to give me a run for my money every time I capture her (which will be often if I have my way!) Still, even the toughest customer can be worn down. Here she is so close to sleep….

8. Handsome Jason was one of my very first newborns in 2012! Just a few more weeks and he’ll be having his first birthday!! I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, sleepier baby to start last year off with!!

7. Adorable Dominic was one of my very last newborns of 2012! I had the pleasure of capturing this little dude just before Christmas, and he was so perfect to capture! Here he is, showing off my ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ set up. ♥ ((adorable hat from Abunchakids, inc., wrap from This Little Light {Prop Shop}

6. Gorgeous Chase is one of those ‘Watch Me Grow’ babies I spoke about up near the top. Every 3 months I get to hang out with this handsome guy and capture him as he grows! (I’m going to see him for his 6 month shoot in 2 weeks, and I absolutely can not believe that it’s been so long already!) This guy’s dad is an avid turkey hunter, and since his newborn session was a summertime shoot, we were able to incorporate that into our captures!

5. Sweet Emma makes her second appearance on the top 10 list, but this time with her big fur-brother, Baxter. As you can see, Emma is clearly a big deal around their house, and Bax is pouting. ♥

4. Gorgeous Lydia is another of my Watch me Grow’ers for this new year. She made her appearance very early in December, and the Christmas tree just created the most GORGEOUS light behind her sweet face. <3

3. Handsome Chase is back once more with some more super-cuteness. When I captured this handsome little bundle, it was just after I got the mouse set, and I just <3'ed getting to use it in such an organic setting. Here is the sweetest little mouse you ever did see!

2.Stunning Cecelia is yet another watch me grow’er for 2013, making her arrival just in time to be the sweetest gift under the tree ever. ♥ This little peanut was just magic, and is pretty as a princess in this sweet tutu/headband combo. I absolutely can’t wait to capture her as she grows!!

1. Gorgeous Lydia has stolen the number one spot this year in a BIG way. There was something so magical about this little sweetheart’s newborn shoot; she just slept and slept, content as I poked and prodded and posed. She even offered me some smiles while she snoozed away. This capture was the very last one I shot for the day, and it could not be any more perfect.

Congratulations to all of those chosen for the top 10 Newborns of 2012, and thank you ALLLLLLLL so much for the continued support and love and facebook comments that make my days brighter! <3

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  1. Awwwwwwwww! You did a great job Sara! I love your baby images. Absolutely precious. Wishing you a very happy 2013. Love, Becky

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