{A Ton of Fans Giveaway Winners!}

So, recently I hit 2,000 fans on facebook (as you likely already know, if you follow my photography page there.) With that came the ton of fans giveaway. The contest was open for 2 weeks, and while it closed a few days ago, life has gotten away from me. There was soccer practice and play rehearsals to attend, games in the rain and enjoying the bits of sunshine we’ve been getting here in unpredictable Upstate New York. Now though, I have for you the results of my give away! ♥ Congrats to the winners, and thank you so much to all who entered. I feel so blessed that I’m able to do what I love every day, and truly, it’s all because of you folks. And I want to make sure you all know; it’s greatly appreciated. ♥

First Prize
The grand prize for this give away gets a choice; either a FREE session with Saratography, OR a 20×24 scenic print (chosen by the winner). The winner of that prize is:

Which means the winner of the grand prize is Linda Christman!

Second Prize
The second prize winner will be awarded a 16×20 scenic print (chosen by the winner) The winner of this prize is:

Which means the winner of the second prize is Jon Blake!

Congratulations to the winners. Thank you for entering everyone, and thank you (once again) for the amazing support you’re all giving me as I follow my dreams. ♥

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