{2,000?! Now THAT is a TON of fans!}

So, it’s been a while since my last giveaway (which happened way back when I hit 1500 fans). With that thought in mind, I can only say that this one MUST be bigger and better. I mean, after all, a TON of fans is totally something to celebrate, right? Not to mention the fact that without each and every one of you folks who’ve checked out my work on facebook, I would never be anywhere near 2k fans. So hey, thank you so SUPER much! ♥ it’s appreciated, to be sure.

Ahem. Okay. So, with that thought in mind, let’s get on with the details, hrm?

Here’s how this is going to work:
This time around with the giveaway, there will be TWO (2) prizes being chosen! The first prize winner will get their choice of prizes; either a FREE session with Saratography, OR a 20×24 scenic print (chosen by the winner). The second prize winner will be awarded a 16×20 scenic print (again; chosen by the winner). Now, the question is this; how do you enter?

Nice and simple.

1)First, share this article. (Make sure it’s a PUBLIC post, or your link in the comments won’t show the post) After all; it wouldn’t be much of a contest if you were the only one entering, right? (That’s one chance to enter).

2)Do you tweet? You can tweet this article as well for a second entry.

3)Go through the scenery gallery here on my website (labeled Custom Scenic Prints) and tell me which print you’d choose if you are chosen as the winner. (Entry #3)

((Please respond once for each entry, and include links to your shares on fb and twitter IN THIS POST.))

Thank you and good luck! <3 This contest will run for 2 weeks; closing on Tuesday, June 5th at 10 P.M. EST

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18 Responses to {2,000?! Now THAT is a TON of fans!}

  1. Jill Gulick says:

    Would pick #7 if I won!

  2. alida says:

    I would choose picture 9 out of 20!

  3. Spring McNicol says:

    I’d pick #4 on page one. I must say though, it was a hard choice. They are all so pretty.

  4. David Sweet says:

    http://www.facebook.com/dave.sweet.77 i think that’s correct, but i haven’t a clue

  5. Amanda Mrazz says:

    I would pick number 5 if I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. David Sweet says:

    i forgot,
    …i like the canada lake dock scene, #5 i believe

  7. Vanessa Lydick says:

    I would pick page 2…Lily pad flower!

  8. Linda Christman says:

    I love the picture on page 2 – Mayfield – August – Sunset

  9. Adelle says:

    I added this to my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/adellel

  10. Adelle says:

    I would choose #19 on the 3rd page (October_01018)

  11. Regina Wilson says:

    I would pick pg 4 #15 if i won :)

  12. I also linked on FB!!! :)

  13. Jon Blake says:

    I would like a few wallet sized photos of you and your family for my wife and I. If I win the grand prize I’d like to donate it to a worthy cause of your choosing, and receive the wallet photos in exchange. We love you and miss you, Baldwins.

  14. Valerie Horning says:

    I would pick page one number 5 if I won! Beautiful photo!

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