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I begin this guest post with an humble honoring of my old town school friend, Sara of Saratography. She is just as I remember her in school, brave and brilliant.

Brave in the way, that she went against our crowd in high school and shared some valuable information to my best friend (at the time) that there was some back talking about her and, ahem, that I was the one that was back talking. She stood up for her beliefs and pettiness was not in her game. I lost both their friendships for a bit and luckily, they forgave my trespasses and I gained some wisdom.

What I learned from this is a fellow human sister friend acting bravely and with integrity is what true friendship and living with heart means.

She’s so gosh darn brave, that she has been in the photography business for two long years. Not to mention in a local community that well, doesn’t have the greatest economic reputation. I like to think she is bringing a piece of beauty and thriving to our county through her generous nature and work. She’s a mother to two cute kids, a wife to a bearded man who I hear makes some good bread and cake, and an artist.
Sara shoots rock stars, babies, and sometimes the local cows and skies. Her integrity is strong as ever and shows not only in her photos but in the her communication amongst her clients and hopefully approaching 2K facebook friends.

Now, if that isn’t enough, let’s move onto brilliant.

Yes, brilliant but just in case her Mother is reading (hi Lisa!,) I will not retell the “brilliant” acts she pulled off in middle school. What I will say is she is quick on her feet, clever, a bit wise, and a thoughtful human being. Talk and work with her and find out for yourself.

Thankfully, I saw some things fade as we progressed in age and began to see other things get more golden. With Sara, she’s truly gotten more golden and carried that bravery and brilliance into her business, family, and work. Same old, same old – Sara, don’t take no bull. If you do a shoot with her, she’ll call you forth, make you smile, and capture what’s real. Nothing better than that.

When Sara agreed for my guest posting on her blog, I thought really hard and wanted to give her and her readers back something golden as a thank you for her friendship and drive to share her work in the world. When I asked Sara to share her challenges in her work, her answers spoke to me and perhaps may speak to you as well. Sara said,

It’s a challenge to “stay peaceful while trying to cram 18 hours of work into 6 and also, being responsible for every stinking aspect of this machine.”

Can you say brave and brilliant? Yes, I think so. An honest answer that makes me want to leap out of my seat and ask society to help out hardworking folks like Sara!

How honestly hard it is for a woman and artist to juggle many things at a time? She doesn’t often complain and she does it day after day. I have a sense that this juggling act is just an old reenactment of the play we were in together, “Barnum.” It’s theater and theater makes us both feel alive. I just want to remind her that her aliveness is not an external factor or some show, although, sometimes it darn well feels and may look like it. No, really, I want to remind her that the aliveness is in her. Ironically, or not so ironically, you can see it in her photos. They are dramatically alive. The old stuff, the old- “I don’t think I can do this any longer” doesn’t belong. Why? Because the more we practice, the more we get our lines down and put on a good show. This doesn’t mean, don’t give yourself an intermission. I say, if you need one, take one if you can. And the best part is she gets to decide if she gets a standing ovation or not because it’s coming from an internal state of energy and life.

For me, I’m a recovering longtime juggler, and now I’m discovering a new and alive purposeful woman to woman talking act, where I often work with clients to take the “juggling act” out of life. Peace IS just that worth it. Taking the old acts that just aren’t working out and replacing it through exploring ways to be creative, resourceful, brave, and brilliant feels so much better to everyone. Often I ask these woman, what would taking the “juggling act” out feel like? Most of the time, I hear, “FREEING!”

So, what would “freedom” in YOUR life feel like? What would you do? Where would go? You don’t have to know the how’s. Stop right now and listen and love where you are and trust you will find it along the way. If you are living in a play, let yourself be the star and make it a role worth playing.

Frankly, Sara, is the seasoned, brave, brilliant one and I don’t have any solid advice for her other than to keep going. Below, I make an effort to offer what I see in her and what I hope she remembers as she keeps going. I hope you can find some pieces that work for you too.

Cramming feels better when you have good music on.
Nobody says you have to be peaceful 24-7.
Peace is as easy as a step outside with you, your kids, a pool, and a camera.
Peace is as easy as “Bob-O, do you got this one?”
Because you share your MOJO, others will be there to support you to keep going.
I am here for you as you are for me. I thank you.
You are totally right. You are the one in charge. You are responsible.
You are not alone either.
If “it” were up to anyone else, I’d be frightened.
You have to ask for help sometimes.
And breathe.
And lay off the red bull.
And call a photo friend.
And remember to do it for nobody but yourself.
And if your Self forgets, take a minute to remember your brilliance and bravery.

With Love and Freedom,


Amy Lee Czadzeck guides women to find more peace, love, and joy in their lives through one on one phone or in person sessions and workshops. This does not replace therapy and using your own thoughts. Ultimately, each woman has her own intuitive wisdom and the freedom to follow that first and foremost. Currently, Amy is studying writing as a tool to healing at Goddard College and hopes to bring this work into her practice. Please connect if you are interested in a free one on one “Brave and Brilliant” session inspired by Sara. See what others are saying about working with Amy here. You can also connect through:
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3 Responses to {Brave and Brilliant | A guest blog}

  1. Lisa Waldron says:

    Yes Amy I was reading this and I can’t tell you girls how PROUD I am of my daughter and yourself this world is a hard place to live . Bringing beauty and peacefulness into lives of everyone you girls touch defiies the harshness of reality and I’m glad you didn’t mention the things I probably don’t know and don’t want to know but like you said if you can cram while you jam it makes it easy best of luck to you and all the young women making their way today

  2. Thanks in advance and good luck, saratography.com ! :)

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