The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Children}

Ok, so this is my very last top 10 list of the year, and by far the hardest one to narrow down! I knew I’d had a busy year in 2011, but I really didn’t take into account how many gorgeous children I’ve met and been lucky enough to photograph! It has been 24 days since I started narrowing this project down for these lists, and I honestly it would be done in like, the first week, but obviously that didn’t happen! So here I am, almost a full month into the new year, and finally finishing up my most daunting task since the 3.6.5.! So away we go, with my top 10 captures of Children in 2011! ♥

10. {Gorgeous Makenna} You’ve seen Makenna if you checked out the top 10 Family captures for this year (view post here). She’s just a DOLL, and I love the contrast in this black and white capture between her super-light hair and those beautiful dark blue eyes. ♥

9. {Precious Kailyn} I got to capture this sweetheart’s second birthday photos, and boy is she my kind of girl! First things first, she went right into the lake and sat down; dress and all! This was, obviously, before that, but I just adore the colors in this capture!

8. {Handsome Riley} My BFFL’s son is just the cutest thing, and getting cuter every day! This shoot was a big favor for me. I had been asked to offer a job shadowing day for some students from the high school I attended, and needed a model. She stepped in w/her sweet babe and saved the day for me!

7. {Adorable Mason} This guy, I’ve been photographing since he was brand new, and he just keeps getting more and more adorable! I love his big clear blue eyes, as well as the expression on his face. ♥ priceless!

6. {Rambunctious Northern} This guy is my toughest customer! He’s a ‘free range’ baby, and never stops moving, going or doing, so I’m always on my toes when I capture him. It also helps that he’s absolutely stunning! With a face like this, I say this guy can get away with whatever he wants!

5. {Pretty Kaidlyn} You saw this little one’s family in the top 10 families list as well (link above), but I couldn’t resist this capture for my top 10 children post. It is one of those ‘just the right moment’ captures, where you know that you struck gold. ♥ her expression, and the tones in this capture. Just a GORGEOUS little girl! ♥

4. {Sweet Kendall} From our first birthday shoot with little Kendall. She is obviously gorgeous, and SUCH a fun little personality! I ♥ this capture of our peek-a-boo game, and couldn’t stop coming back to this image as one of my favorites of the year, if not all time!

3. {Handsome Jack} This is a capture from a mini-session, but those eyes! *swoon* He was just SUCH a happy baby, and I love, love, loved getting to capture him! ♥

2. {Lovely Paige} Paige could be a super-model. For real. She has the most beautiful skin, smile, and the brightest eyes imaginable! LOVE everything about this capture, and this little girl!

1. {Stunning Liam} Ok, so here is my new 85mm at work with one of the sweetest subjects imaginable. I love everything about this capture, from the attitude in his eyes to his fly-away hair, and obviously that little smirk. SO perfect in every way! You know that trouble is sure to follow with a face like this! ♥

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