The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Families}

Families are a ton of fun to capture. There’s nothing like being the lucky one to capture the (special) relationship between parents and their children. The bond is always unique and full of love, and SO fun to capture! I was very lucky this year; nearly every shoot I did was (supposed to be) centered around the little ones, but in nearly every case I was able to convince the parents that at least a FEW family captures were necessary! Anyway, without further adieu, here are a few of my very favorites from 2011 in the family category!

10. The Kolbe Family {This family is a perfect example of what I was talking about above; we scheduled their shoot to capture their (then) 6 month old daughter, and I was lucky enough to capture these shots just as the sun went down over the lake. LOVE the colors and the shadows in this one!}

9. The McGillis-Kinney Family {This family is one that I can’t wait to work with again! Mindy designs and makes all my (fabby) tutus, and I am so blessed with the opportunity to capture their family as little K. grows (and undoubtedly gets more beautiful!)}

8. The Flynn Family {The Flynn’s are one of my ‘Watch Me Grow’ Families, so I get to capture them often, but I just <3 <3 <3 this capture! Little Jack just LOVES his pup, and it's obvious here!}

7. The Stevens Family {These guys are some of my oldest clients! I have been capturing them since their oldest was roughly 3, and I have enjoyed it every single time! This shoot was a challenge; getting 2 young children (and a dog) to look and smile can be a tough job, but I think we did a pretty darn good job with it!}

6. The Romell Family {I met this lovely family over the summer when I captured their daughter’s half-birthday. We did another shoot in the fall for her birthday, and I have to say, I just ADORE this capture from that shoot. It’s obvious how intrigued little M. is with that leaf, and it’s equally obvious that her parents are attentive and interested in everything she does.}

5. The Cole Family {The Coles are friends of my mom and step-dad’s, and I knew when they booked that it would be a lot of fun. Boy, was I right! I <3 how nicely they pose; you'd never (ever) know what a trouble maker dad is! :) }

4. Amy Harrington and her BEAUTIFUL girls {Amy contacted me just before Christmas to shoot a very special thing; her love for her (beautiful) daughters! They were so fun and full of sass, and up for all the ideas I had!}

3. The Jacques Family {Amy and I go way back to my irresponsible youth (lol) and I was so excited when she contacted me to capture her sweet girl’s 1st birthday. That day though, we didn’t get a family capture, so Amy decided to grab a spot in my November Mini’s for their family portrait, and I’m SO glad that they did!}

2. The Hulbert Family {I have captured this family often in 2011, and they are always just SO gorgeous. There is something so special about this capture though; I think it’s the way little Rhys is studying his dad with such excitement on his face. ♥ it!}

1. The Dutcher Family {Their little man is what I like to call a ‘free range’ baby; he doesn’t stop or sit still for ANYTHING, which prompted one of my favorite family pictures of the whole year; I love the motion, and the look of pure joy on everyone’s faces here!}

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