The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Newborns}

So, if you’ve seen my posts in the last couple of days, you’re already aware of what this is; a wrap up of 2011 in true David Letterman Style! :) I am counting down my top 10 favorite images of 2011 in a variety of subjects, but today is for my teeny-tiniest clients! The Newborns!!

I’m not going to lie; newborns are some of my most difficult subjects; mostly because there is no predicting what they’ll do, and there is no scripting them, or bribing them; newborns have a total mind of their own! Even with that said, I’ve been (SUPER) blessed this year to have a ton of gorgeous, super sleepy, and VERY easy to work with clients. Here are a few of the highlights! ♥

10. {Adelle Lashbrook cradling and her son Mason} To say “She’s got the whole world in her hands” would be appropriate. It was clear the minute I met Adelle just how much she adored her son, and I can tell you, the feeling is mutual! I am so excited about getting to capture this beautiful family again!

9. {Bobbi Wallach’s daughter Elizabeth} Sweet Elizabeth was one of my first newborns for the year, and she was a challenge! She was wide awake, but very content for most of the session, but toward the end I got her to drift off, and as you can see, it was magic!

8. {Melissa and Chris Davie’s son Shea} Sweet Shea was born just before Christmas, and he was one of the few appointments I made for during my holiday vacation, and I’m so glad I did! He was a complete dream and slept for the entire session, waking just at the end for a few fun family captures. (Hat created by the AMAZING Picture Perfect Baby Boutique)

7. {Jen Flynn and her son Jack} Jack is one of my “Watch Me Grow” babies this year, so I’ve had the pleasure of capturing him 4 times now (including once while he was still inside!), and will get to watch him continue to grow and change for the rest of his first year. This capture was from the end of our newborn session; Jack had just eaten and was, as you can see, completely blissed out on mothers milk. ♥

6. {Helen and Craig’s daughter Leah} This sweet girl was a dreamboat, sleeping through the entire session, no matter how much I poked and prodded at her! She was such a great sport, letting me put her in a (wide) variety of poses and hats/headbands, but I just adore this capture. (Hat created by the AMAZING Picture Perfect Baby Boutique)

5. {Ryan and Emily Bornt’s son Miles} Sweet Miles is another one of my ‘Watch Me Grow’ babies, so like baby Jack, I’ve been capturing him since he was still in his momma’s belly! This sweet little guy started our session wide awake for me, but once his Momma fed him, he knocked right out! He was a summer baby, so our entire session was done out on their (beautifully shaded) front porch!

4. {Robert and Lynsey Hulbert’s son Rhys} Stunning Rhys was not my typical newborn session. First, he was already nearly 2 months old by the time I got to him, but he was just the most serious little man. I have never had such a young baby maintain eye contact with me as constantly as he did, and once he’d played himself out (naked on his bedroom floor and in a variety of buckets/baskets/crates), he ate and passed right out (are you noticing a pattern here?). Then we were good to go on the sleepy poses. This capture is one from the beginning of the session; while this sweet little man was still alert and VERY serious. ♥

3. {Erin Kindar’s son Jacoby} I had the pleasure of capturing not just this little bundle of sweetness, but also his older brother this fall. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a total sucker for feet. Mostly any kind…naked, wrinkly baby feet, chubby toddler feet, kid-feet with smiles drawn on, shoes, you name it. Even with weddings; I tend to have at least one or two pictures of shoes/feet in there. What can I say? I’m a bit strange. This capture, in perticular, I adored because of the different textures; the wrinkles on teh baby feet, the texture of the blanket, and the beautiful creamy background all blend so beautifully. ♥

2. {Patrick and Kali Lovette’s daughter Zoey} Sweet baby Zoey is another ‘Watch Me Grow’ baby, and I’m getting excited for her 3 month shoot (which is coming up soon!!) She was a teeny-tiny thing as a newborn, but my friends at Picture Perfect Baby Boutique came through for me again, creating and shipping me a couple of headbands that were just PERFECT for Christmas time! (I may or may not also love to wear them myself for any occasion)

1. {Ryan and Emily Bornt’s son Miles} You’ve seen sweet Miles already on this list, but this image……*swoon*. As I said, we did this session out on their front porch on a hot summer day, and this capture really sums the feeling of the season up. I posed this little guy for this capture, and then he stretched big and one of his hands wound up over his head, and his legs shifted….I couldn’t not capture him just as he wanted to be! ♥ (Special thanks to the AMAZING Merry Photo Props for the gorgeous visor!!)

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  1. Sandra says:

    Looks like it was a great year! What cute little babies!! :)

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  3. newborns says:

    I love this! 😀 NEWBORNS! CONGRATULATIONS (MABROOK) to their parents HAMILTON …

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