The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Wedding Details}

Last night I shared my top 10 wedding images of 2011 {to see that post, click here} today, I am sharing with you my next top 10 list; the Top 10 Wedding Details of 2011! This was another difficult list to make for me (seriously, it was like pulling teeth). There is nothing harder (for me at least) than trying to narrow down my ‘favorite’ images; it’s like choosing which child I love the most….ok, well not quite that extreme, but still…you get the idea. It was so difficult, in fact, that it’s taken me nearly the whole first month of the new year to do this!

Wedding details, to me, set the tone for the entire wedding; the colors, the textures. Details to me, come in lots of different shapes and sizes; from the wedding favors to the flowers, and all the way around to the different little bits and pieces that make a wedding what it is. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are my top 10 ‘details’ captures of 2011!

10. The bar at Rachael and John’s wedding; SO beautiful and classic and country, and full of crafty charm. ♥ the crates and the tea/lemonade jugs, and the BIG old metal washtubs filled with liquor under the cocktail bar.

9. The cupcakes at Jollene and Chris’ reception were just SO beautiful; those beautiful pastel colors really merged beautifully with that yummy bokah in the background!

8. The bridesmaids at Nacole and Dan’s wedding; their dress color meshed SO beautifully with the flowers that they’d chosen for this late-summer wedding. Everything about it tied together perfectly!

7. Cassie’s bridal boquet on top of her mom’s woodstove. The beautiful fall colors really lent themselves to this beautiful, warm capture. One of my favorite detail shots to date!

6. Once again, Cassie and Tony’s wedding get back to back images in the Top 10! This is their cake topper, as well as some of the beautiful ‘details’ from their sweet wedding treats!

5. The epic fire truck(s) from Patrick and Amy’s wedding! This is a big symbol of a very key ‘detail’ in both of their lives; their dedication to their respective volunteer fire departments! It was everywhere, from the vehicles they traveled in, to their cake topper, and their axe-cake cutter!

4. Gorgeous Kristin’s beautiful flowers! (And that FABBY bracelet!) This wedding was a real treat for me; I was the second shooter, which meant a LOT less pressure. It also meant I got to concentrate more on the details than the big picture. This was my favorite capture of the day, and one of my very favorite weddings to date, because I got to work with my bestie Sarah of Capturing fireflies Photography

3. Jessica’s (STUNNING) bridal bouquet! The weather on the day of Jessica and Jason’s wedding was hit-and miss, and DEFINITELY not very warm, but for late October in upstate NY, it could have been snowing, so I was counting my blessings. One big (beautiful) bright spot on the day was the gorgeous flowers that these lovely ladies carried, more specifically, Jessica’s bouquet.

2. The floating lights! When I said yesterday that Rachael and John’s wedding could put Martha Stewart to shame, I wasn’t kidding. Here is proof of that fact; her backdrop for the head table. These beautiful lanterns hung behind the bride and groom, and once it got dark, they added a beautiful romantic piece to this crafty, stunning day!

1. Nacole’s BUBBLES! When we discussed her wedding day, Nacole made a few things very (very) clear; there was a very small number of things that she was REALLY concerned with having in regards to her wedding day; one was the music, another was the photography, and the third, but possibly most important thing (aside from the groom)? Bubbles, and LOTS of them. With that in mind, I had to grab this capture for her during the ceremony, and I hope you all enjoy my #1 detail shot of the 2011 wedding season. ♥

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6 Responses to The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Wedding Details}

  1. I love details. So pretty!

    • Cesar says:

      >Thank you for the bauetiful pictures of our sweet daughter and her wonderful new husband. It was a great day. We will treasure these pictures of their special day for years to come.

  2. Sandra says:

    I love em! That last one especially is awesome!

  3. Rasamee says:

    I love the pale blue and yoellw combo- it’s one of my favorites. I just worry that it wouldn’t work as well in a wooded area, which is pretty much all there is in TN.

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