The {Top 10 Images} of 2011 {Weddings}

So, the new year has come, and now that we’re well and truly into 2012, I’ve been working {HARD} at narrowing down my images from the last year, in hopes of bringing you a few little top 10 lists…..this one, in particular, is for my couples. The BIG day….the weddings. ♥

Weddings are always an adventure, and each one is special and unique to the couple, and ALWAYS full of surprises! You might think that after a while, one wedding would run into another, but that just doesn’t happen. Each one is so full of love, and promise, and happiness. There is just nothing like it. With that said, here are my Top Ten Wedding moments from 2011.

10. ♥ Heather and Dave ♥ This image was one of my very favorites from the entire day with this gorgeous couple! We were just finishing up their posed images at the church, and before we were done, Dave told me that he had this idea for an image, and all I had to do was snap away!

9. ♥ Nacole and Dan ♥ This wedding was SO very special to me. Nacole contacted me last spring about shooting her September wedding at the beautiful Beardslee Castle, I was SO excited. Then she told me the exact date; that was the moment I knew that I would be working on my birthday. This year I got the greatest birthday gift ever; an amazing day with a beautiful couple that is just SO in love!

8. ♥ Jessica and Jason ♥ This wedding was fabulous! I was connected with this couple through a mutual friend and a love of horror movies. Mr. Covey is involved with Mad Angel Films, and there were so many fun elements in this ceremony and reception, but my favorite part was the location of this capture. We took a little ride down to the canal, where there is a (beautiful) fountain….which wasn’t turned on, because it was the end of October! (DOH!) There was no lack of beauty there though, as you can see for yourself below.

7. ♥ Rachael and John ♥ When Rachael first contacted me about her wedding, she told me it was going to be a ‘small back yard affair’. As you’ll see in my ‘details’ top 10 list (coming soon), there was nothing ‘simple’ about this wedding. In fact, Rachael could put Martha Stewart to shame with her ideas!! Here are Rachael and John being nothing but completely in love.

6. ♥ Cassie and Tony ♥ Cassie and Tony’s wedding was held in quite possibly my favorite local location of all time. Their ceremony was held in a stunning and very (VERY) old Catholic Church in Amsterdam, NY. We went from there, to Amsterdam City Hall (by trolly no less!!) for our formal captures. The location was a dream, and the wedding party was just STUNNING!

5. ♥ Cassie and Tony ♥ This couple has the honor of having back-to-back images in this year’s top 10. This couple was just so absolutely gorgeous; they were all but glowing with the excitement of finally being husband and wife.

4. ♥ Jollene and Chris ♥ This was a special wedding for more than just one reason. Firstly, I’ve known Jollene since we were roughly 12 or 13 when we played soccer together. Secondly, Jollene and Chris are high school sweet hearts. I believe they’ve been together for something like 13 years at this point, and that in itself is pretty damn incredible, if I do say so myself. Their wedding song was one with a lot of memories; it was the song that was the theme for their Prom (which they went to together 10 years ago). There is no doubt in my mind that Chris and Jollene will be happy for many, many years to come, and it’s moments like this one below that capture that so clearly. ♥

3. ♥ Ellen and John ♥ The day that they got married was so beautiful! Their wedding and reception were both at Hales Mills Country Club, and that was the PERFECT location for this capture. That being said, we almost didn’t get it! The sun started going down, and I was trying to grab the bride and groom to go out and get some pictures together (since we hadn’t gotten ANY earlier when we’d done the rest of the posed captures, as it took longer than I’d expected) I let them go then though, knowing that with the day that they had, the sunset would be sheer perfection. I was not disappointed!

2. ♥ Nacole and Dan ♥ As I said way back up on #9, I captured Nacole and Dan’s wedding on my birthday, but they really gave me a gift by letting me be a part of their (Amazingly beautiful) day. Their wedding had everything; a ROCKIN’ location, an AMAZING couple, and best of all, a killer band at the reception! ♥ This capture was grabbed over near the carriage house (where many amazing bands used to play!) I just LOVE that right there at their venue I was able to have access to a swing that was hung from a tree.

1. ♥ Kristen and Colby ♥ This wedding was one that I got to travel for! For Kristen and Colby’s big day I had the honor of being the second shooter for my bestie, Sarah who is the owner of the fabulous Capturing Fireflies Photography based in Elizabethtown, PA. This couple was just gorgeous, and their location was to die for, and everything about this day was just perfect. Especially the bride. ♥

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