I can {Rock The Shot!}

So, as you likely know, I SUPER-SQUISHY-LOVE photo contests. ♥ Now, with that said, how could it be any better that this contest comes from a site I ADORE and run by women who truly rock my socks off! If you’re a photographer, and you’ve never heard of the Rock The Shot, you’re missing out bigtime! We have the sweetest folks and the greatest photogs and vendors around! (Just sayin’) Anywho….I digress. For August, the contest is Silhouettes. These are a complete personal favorite of mine. When I saw this, I knew immediately what picture I would be entering. My Rock Star picture, of course!

Seriously, though.

Last October I was approached by a local musician who needed some pictures done for publicity stuff; posters, and also for an upcoming CD project. (!! Yes, my picture is on a CD!!) While I was shooting, and he was playing and singing, I was struck by inspiration. The covered bridge we were shooting at provided the most perfect backdrop for this capture, and I ♥ the shape of the man and his instrument. (Click on the image to enlarge)

For more amazing silhouette captures, click on the button below and don’t forget to find beauty everywhere.

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4 Responses to I can {Rock The Shot!}

  1. This picture is beyond beautiful! So glad we could meet in Capturing Fireflies so I could come and visit this brilliant blog tonight. Your name is SO super creative. LOVE it!

  2. First time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

  3. The traditional film shots are extremely beautiful, hats off to the cinematographer for capturing the exact lighting for each and every scene.

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