{2190 Days}

Six years is a long time. Of course, on it’s own, six is not a very large number. Sure, it’s more than half of ten, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really very many. However, when you say, for example, 72 months, or 312 weeks, or 2190 days, or, well, you get my drift right? Well, it sounds longer. Anyway…6 years isn’t very long….unless you’re talking about the life of a child. In 6 years a child goes from completely helpless in pretty much every respect, to an independent, brilliant, thoughtful, creative little person.

It doesn’t seem possible that six whole years ago at just this time, I was at the hospital with my husband (then boyfriend), about to give birth to a big-ole’ surprise. We did not find out what it was; it seemed more fun to me to have a surprise. (also, that way I didn’t wind up with a whole lot of pink)

Ahem. Back on subject.

We only spent 3 hours at the hospital before our strong willed girl was ready for the world. Oh, but was the world ready for her?! (Sometimes I still wonder that!) Miss Amazing was born at 11:30 pm on February 15th; exactly 30 minutes before my due date, and from that moment, she had my heart. In working on this post, I have been sorting pictures all day long; some bringing back funny memories, some making me want to cry, but all of them gave me an overwhelming sense of joy. In my daughter, I see myself, but a more fiery version. She has wit and a tendency toward sarcasm, and is a completely honest soul with no tolerance for injustice. No matter the consequences.

I am continually in awe of her, and the journey we’ve taken together in the last 2190 days. The moment Miss Amazing came into this world is one I will likely never forget. She was beautiful and perfect, and immediately I loved her so much more than I’d ever expected I could love anyone. She stole my heart, and the two of us began to grow together. In every stage of her life there have been a million things that I love about her, and the core of those things have never changed.

Her tenacity, her flair, her affinity for dresses, her delight in all things pink, her desire to always see good win in the end.

Some of these traits are her own, and some of them, I know come from various parts of our family, but she has wrapped it up in a pretty pink package and made it her own. Amelia-mazing was her super hero name as an infant, and she has more than grown into it as she continues to bloom. Miss Amazing astounds even me, and I truly feel blessed to call her my girl, and know that where she leads, I will continue to follow; where ever her pretty pink trail leads us.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Amelia Mae; I am so lucky to have the privilege to watch you continue to grow and bloom and spread around your belief in the happy endings. ♥

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