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{Brave and Brilliant | A guest blog}

I begin this guest post with an humble honoring of my old town school friend, Sara of Saratography. She is just as I remember her in school, brave and brilliant. Brave in the way, that she went against our crowd … Continue reading

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A Word To The Wise…

about wedding photography. This morning, shortly after I got up and staggered mostly blindly to the coffee pot for my first dose for the morning, I put my daughter Miss Amazing on the school bus and sat down at the … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom…

Look both ways before you cross the street….don’t leap before you look…..hold hands….beware of stranger danger…. say please and thank you…treat others the way you want to be treated… As children, we’re told these things (and many more) more times … Continue reading

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Thoughts on life (and other such things) | Fulton/Montgomery County Lifestyle Photographer

The rain pours and the lightning strikes, otherwise the world is quiet. The mist rises off of the pavement; cool rain striking the warm street and I could only watch mutely as the world was washed clean of it’s lies…if … Continue reading

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{2190 Days}

Six years is a long time. Of course, on it’s own, six is not a very large number. Sure, it’s more than half of ten, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really very many. However, when you … Continue reading

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I’m getting there, finally! Please be patient with me as my un-technical ass tries to work through this whole transferring my blog to word press, and getting my site up and going here. Soon there will be a store, and … Continue reading

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Something to say on Sunday…

So, I know, I completely suck. I haven’t put a single picture up since Thursday. Never fear, I took them, I just have not had the energy to sit down and do anything with them. Hell, I’m still working on … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Mumbles…

((Beware, I am only about half awake at this moment, so I can’t promise my ramblings will make sense)) I’m only half awake here as my little human’s run amuck. They’re still wound from all the Easter treats/candy yesterday, I … Continue reading

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