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{2,000?! Now THAT is a TON of fans!}

So, it’s been a while since my last giveaway (which happened way back when I hit 1500 fans). With that thought in mind, I can only say that this one MUST be bigger and better. I mean, after all, a … Continue reading

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{Finding My Voice | Upstate New York Lifestyle Photography}

In my head, this subject is so cut and dry, but in reality it’s not as simple as it seems. As I write this post, I am praying for courage; courage to see this thing through to the end. Because, … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom…

Look both ways before you cross the street….don’t leap before you look…..hold hands….beware of stranger danger…. say please and thank you…treat others the way you want to be treated… As children, we’re told these things (and many more) more times … Continue reading

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{2190 Days}

Six years is a long time. Of course, on it’s own, six is not a very large number. Sure, it’s more than half of ten, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really very many. However, when you … Continue reading

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Just sayin’…

Today I am sick. I woke up this morning, super-duper early, might I add, and had to literally jump and RUN for the bathroom. Once that pleasant start to my day was done, I crawled back into bed where I’ve … Continue reading

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