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{Top 10 of 2012 | Artsy-Fartsy Portrait Edition}

This is one of my very favorite categories for 2012’s top 10 lists. Right from the start, as I started to compile images for my various categories, I kept coming back to a few of these; sweet little toes with … Continue reading

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{2,000?! Now THAT is a TON of fans!}

So, it’s been a while since my last giveaway (which happened way back when I hit 1500 fans). With that thought in mind, I can only say that this one MUST be bigger and better. I mean, after all, a … Continue reading

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{1500?! Seriously?!}

So, if you follow me on facebook (which you must do to be entered in this giveaway; and can do by clicking here ) you know I’ve just hit 1500 fans. This is a HUGE number, I think, in anyone’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts on life (and other such things) | Fulton/Montgomery County Lifestyle Photographer

The rain pours and the lightning strikes, otherwise the world is quiet. The mist rises off of the pavement; cool rain striking the warm street and I could only watch mutely as the world was washed clean of it’s lies…if … Continue reading

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{The Artist} Part I

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to get to collaborate with my friend Ms. Roberts. She is an amazingly talented artist who’s gearing up for a show in early June at the Tiffany Smith Gallery in Johnstown, NY. We had … Continue reading

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What’s my angle?

I’ve been asking myself this question for the past couple of days, all the while trying to catch my kids with a natural smile on their faces. (Yeah, right!) Anyway, as I searched and searched through my lens for a … Continue reading

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